Passive Income Online on Auto-pilot

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2.0 Success Online - Is it Achievable?

2.1. What is Success?

What is success to you when it comes to making money online? Are you hoping for an extra $5000 per year or are you trying to make a full time income from your online efforts? 

Whatever it is, you should think about where you want to be in 1 year and then 2 years time. Just make a note about it as this is a long term plan. 

It is going to take some significant effort and if you already work a day job then you can expect to have to put in some hard yards at night time after work as well. 

Don’t expect to flick a few keyboard strokes and make thousands of dollars. I can tell you now that this is certainly not going to work. This is hard yakka and you will need to persist. 

The truth is though, if you add quality on a consistent basis over a long period you will certainly make some excellent passive income and it will keep rolling in. The hard part is putting the effort in up front to get everything working correctly.

2.2. Persistence & Patience

You will need to be patient and persist. Making money online takes a massive amount of effort particularly if you are also working a day job. If you are starting from scratch and have limited amount of knowledge about computers or building websites or creating products, then you have a lot to learn. 

However, that being said, it isn't hard to do, it is just putting the pieces together to create a selling machine. 

This is as simple as it is.

Register your own domain and have full control over it

Create a website on this domain

Create a landing page that sells your product or points to someone else's product so you get a cut of the profits

Build your website around your niche for the long term

Focus on the one product and do not get distracted by attempting too many projects.

2.3. Rules To Remember

Be prepared to work hard
Start from the beginning with full control over your efforts

Passive Income Online on Auto-pilot Part 2

Apply the main principles in this e-book and you will receive long term real traffic that converts to money. 

3.0 Get Ready for Some Serious Hard Work

3.1. Generating Website Traffic and Making Money online is Not Easy

Do you currently work for a Boss? 

If you do, then chances are you will be doing extra work after hours to study more about ways to make money online. 

This means you are in for some serious effort. Working all day and then learning at home. 

I told you it was not going to be easy. Doesn't mean it is impossible though. 

3.2. Dedication and Consistency

There are tons of ways to make money online and even more people willing to sell you something promising that you can get your hands on millions of dollars at the flick of a few keyboard strokes. 
If only it was that easy! 
The truth is, it takes a substantial amount of work. However, that being said, it isn't all that difficult to do, it just takes dedication and a consistent approach.    When it comes to website traffic, there are literally hundreds of free methods you can apply to drive traffic to your website. 

This is often more of a issue than a solution.
If you are starting out in Internet Marketing or have been doing it for a while with restricted results, you would have discovered that there is too much information out there. 
It is easy to get frustrated and just give up. 
I encourage you to not give up. You need to persist, but persist on one project at a time until you have mastered it. Otherwise you basically spread yourself too thin.    The rules I live by IN ORDER OF PRIORITY are:
Build Quality not Quantity

Essential Ingredient:   Persistence 
Build for the Long Term Find or Make a Product that has a Market Build Using Free Programs and Software Don't continually change things if it is already converting
Firstly, you need to figure out what exactly you are going to sell. Then, once you have figured this out, we can explore the best way to get free traffic continually to your website. 

3.3. Is It Really Possible?

So, are you ready to make some money while you sleep? I know I am and I do this everyday, so it is now your turn to get a piece of the online pie and this book will tell you exactly how to do it. 

But firstly, you must promise me one thing – that you will persist. 
Making money passively online is not as easy as a walk in the park. However, making money online IS possible and after reading this book, you will have the tools and knowledge to go out there a do it yourself. 
Remember, it is up to you and you only to implement what is written in this book so that you achieve success. 
This is the key to success – implementing what you read, persisting and when failing, getting up and trying again. 
I am 100% confident that if you implement what is in the book you will make passive income online. How do I know that you will? Because this is the method I use every day to make my own income online. 
You certainly can make money online and if you set up your system correctly, you can make it while you are sleeping. 

3.4. You Must Do This To Succeed

The biggest problem with making money online is getting distracted. You start one thing and then move onto another before the first thing has even started working for you. 
This is why it is critical that you start one thing first and keep working on it until it is making you passive income before you move to the next. Otherwise you will simply get frustrated and give up. 

The last thing you want to do is give up because there is a lot of cash to be made if you;
- Persist - Be Patient - Keep Doing Things Daily – Even If They Are Small Things.
So let’s get straight into it. 
Firstly, let me summarize what this book will discuss so you have a broad picture first of what to do to make money while you sleep. 

3.5. Rules To Remember
Stick with one niche
Build quality - always

Don't Make  the Same  Mistake

4.0 Don't Make These Mistakes

4.1. Learn from my Mistakes

I have been making money and driving traffic to my websites for a long while now. Some websites have performed well and some have not performed at all.   
I wish I knew what I know now when I started. I would have saved so much more time and made a lot more money. 
The biggest mistake I made was that I didn't focus on one thing. I jumped around from website to website, technique to technique and this stifled my results. 

Don't Make the Same Mistake

The best thing you can do is find or make a product that has a market and you are passionate about and stick to it. Yes, it will take a bit of effort to find the right product, however there are plenty of places where you can look. 

Choose One Thing and Stick to It

4.2. Rules To Remember
Choose a Niche You are Passionate about
Choose your niche carefully 

All You Need is a Website and Something to Sell


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